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HAHAHAH this fucking guy is pissed cos i’m a feminist, check out this awesome comment he left me when i pointed out that he’s a sexist prick:

oh the swedish bitch, i just heard the men are rejecting many women in your country n lookin elsewhere, as they’re all infested.. infested with the disease known as feminism! you ugly repulsive female pig!

LOVE how an important part of the insult was “female”, and that he thinks i care sooo much about male attention. such originality… bravo, asshat. now kindly go fuck yourself.

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sooo, i see all these people talking about ello.. is it good? i was gonna join and have a look, but it’s invite only apparently..

so.. if anyone got invites they don’t need.. bonjour, please make your way over to my askbox and inform me xx i offer free kisses and painted aubergines


I’m writing an analysis of 8 games for class; basically talking about what makes them special, their formal (players, goals, procedures, rules, conflict etc.) and dramatic (challenge, play etc.) elements according to T. Fullerton, the graphics, and I might also compare them a bit. If any of you love any of these games, it’d be awesome if you could say what you find special or interesting about that particular game (and feel free to mention any of the topics that I listed above), I’d love to hear your opinions!

Classic games:

PacMan Plus
Space Invaders


Mirror’s Edge

Indie games:


Board games:

Settlers of Catan

I’d be eternally grateful if anyone responded to this. c: You can either reblog this and answer or write a text post and tag me, or just send me an ask~ If you want a promo or something in return, just say the word! xx

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